Delegates, Group Representatives, and Intergroups: Please help facilitate participation in this Special Appeal by forwarding this request to those on your group contact list, reading this letter in 3 consecutive meetings and passing the donation basket around, or holding a business meeting to vote on a contribution amount.

We greatly appreciate your service!

June 2019

Dear S-Anon Members,

I am grateful for my recovery in S-Anon. It has saved my life and given me a life I love living. In this program I have been asked to stretch in ways I’d never considered before. I accept each challenge because I know that to keep what I have been given, I must also give. One of those challenges I have accepted is to serve as an Area Delegate.

Area Delegates participate in our S-Anon World Service Conference. Although as a Delegate I represent a specific Area, each Area Delegate serves the S-Anon Fellowship as a whole. Reimbursement for travel for Delegates throughout the United States and Canada can put a strain on the resources of the local Areas. This is one of the many financial obligations where the WSO helps to meet the needs of our fellowship. Some service positions require no financial support and others quite a bit. During this special appeal, in accordance with our Seventh Tradition, please prayerfully consider a donation to the World Service Office.

If you, like me, are grateful for S-Anon and want the hand of S-Anon to be there for those whose lives have been affected by another person’s sexaholism, please consider offering your financial gift to the World Service Office. You can donate easily through the S-Anon online store at

You can see if your Area has a Delegate by contacting the World Service Office. If you find that your Area does not yet have one, you can practice our slogan, “Let it Begin with Me.”


Tamie F.
Idaho Area Delegate

 June 26, 2019

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