S-Anon Service Literature primarily offers suggestions on “how to” conduct certain activities, such as starting a meeting and handling business matters. Information on service beyond the group level can also be found.

Service Literature

Anonymity in S-Anon (L-29) PDF | Purchase

Creating a Local S-Anon Website (L-25) PDF | Purchase | Spanish PDF

Information for Professionals About S-Anon and S-Ateen Family Groups (L-10) PDF | Purchase | Spanish PDF

S-Anon Business Meetings and the Group Conscience Process (L-20) PDF | Purchase | Spanish PDF

S-Anon Recovery When There’s No Local Group (L-16) PDF | Purchase

S-Ateen: Frequently Asked Questions (L-26ST) PDF | Purchase

S-Ateen: Individual and Group Sponsorship (L-23ST) PDF | Purchase | Spanish PDF | Purchase Spanish (L-23STS)

S-Ateen: Information About Sponsorship and Meetings (L-12ST) PDF | Purchase

S-Ateen: Responsibility Agreement (L-22ST) PDF | Purchase | Spanish PDF | Purchase Spanish (L-22STS)

S-Ateen: Suggested Meeting Format (L-24ST) PDF | Purchase | Spanish PDF | Purchase Spanish (L-24STS)

S-Ateen: Suggestions For Meeting Topics (P-2ST) PDF | Purchase | Spanish PDF | Purchase Spanish (P-2STS)

Serving as an S-Anon Area Delegate (L-19) PDF | Purchase

Serving as an S-Anon Regional Trustee (L-21) PDF | Purchase

Starting S-Anon Groups (L-15) PDF | Purchase | Spanish PDF

Starting an S-Anon Intergroup (L-17) PDF | Purchase | Spanish PDF

The S-Anon Service Structure (L-18) PDF | Purchase

Writing A Motion to the World Service Conference (L-27) PDF | Purchase

Many service materials are also provided as a download at no cost. These downloads are intended for personal use only and may not be used for resale. Printed copies can be purchased through the Literature Store using the links provided above.

For more information on these materials, contact the WSO at (800) 210-8141 or [email protected].

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