Register Your Group

Complete the Registered Group form below to register your group with S-Anon’s World Service Office (WSO) or to submit updated information for your group. To be eligible as a group in S-Anon, your group may not have any other affiliation.

Providing up-to-date information for your group ensures that:

  • The WSO can help newcomers who contact our office get in touch with you or find your meeting.
  • The WSO will be able to mail information to your group from time to time so that you will be informed of items relating to S-Anon as a whole. Such mailings may include announcements about new literature, information regarding the annual conventions and World Service Conference, or other information concerning our fellowship.
  • Your group will be able to vote for a Delegate from your Area. The Delegate represents your Area at the annual World Service Conference and will participate in decisions that affect S-Anon as a whole.

Download the Group Registration Form.

Download the Open and Special Meeting Form.

If you want to be a contact person for inquirers who live in an area where there are no meetings, complete an Inquirer Telephone Support form.