When someone searches the Internet for information about sex addiction, they often find topics aimed at the addict. Yet, research shows that most people who are looking for answers about sex addiction are more likely to be those affected by the sexual behavior of someone else.

This provides S-Anon a key opportunity to let these people know that there is also help available for them.

In 2021, the Public Information and Outreach Committee (PIOC) submitted a motion to the S-Anon Board of Trustees to begin engaging in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work for the S-Anon website. This technical, behind-the-scenes process helps the S-Anon website rank higher in web search results, letting the public know S-Anon is out there and available. S-Anon is working with an outside consultant because SEO work involves a high degree of specific expertise.

One SEO strategy is to increase backlinks. This means that if more websites provide a link back to sanon.org, the S-Anon website credibility and ultimately ranking in search engines rise. This greatly increases the likelihood that S-Anon will appear when someone searches for help with the effects of sex addiction.

Many therapists, counselors, or religious organizations have websites with a resource page that offers a wide variety of information on recovery programs or suggested reading material to aid in one’s journey. Many of these resource pages identify specific Twelve Step Recovery programs and include a link to their program websites.

As an S-Anon Member, You Can Help!

Here’s your call to action: Would you be willing to reach out to local professionals, recovery resources, or places of worship that you have experience with and personally know to ask that they publish information about S-Anon on their resource page? This outreach opportunity would help spread the message of S-Anon to the local community, and further our ability to reach a wider audience. A sample request template can be found here.

The template includes several alternate examples of text describing the purpose of S-Anon. Please select a different example for each contact that you make. It is important to ensure that the text that links to sanon.org is not the same—repetitive text may actually hinder our efforts to rank higher in search engines.

Just So You Know

Backlinking does not mean that S-Anon endorses outside entities. While the Twelve Traditions of S-Anon prevent S-Anon from endorsing, commenting, having opinions, etc. on outside issues, it is imperative to the future of the S-Anon program that the message of S-Anon continue to circulate and that newcomers can find our program. A referral by any one person does not imply endorsement by S-Anon.

Making others aware of our program by displaying facts about S-Anon is in line with the concept of attraction; guaranteeing specific results or telling someone what they should do is promotion. We want people to know that S-Anon is here if or when someone is ready. Backlinking can help with that.

This outreach opportunity is encouraging you, as an S-Anon member, to reach out to those with whom you already have a relationship and in particular, those with whom you have already shared about your involvement in S-Anon. In our meetings, we emphasize the importance of anonymity, leaving our other identities outside the rooms. When we are not in meetings, it is up to each member of the program to determine the level of anonymity they are comfortable with and how much to share about S-Anon.

When conducting outreach, members, groups, or Intergroups may also want to reach out to local entities in which there are no personal relationships. When corresponding with these entities, it may or may not be necessary to share your first and last name, but using a generic email address may help protect anonymity.

If you have questions about this outreach opportunity, or if this project piques your interest in participating in more outreach beyond the local level, please reach out to the PIOC Chair, Robin A., [email protected]. The PIOC meets the 4th Wednesday of the month, 7:30pm CST. Current projects include: Research on social media, creation and publication of information resources for counselors and mental health professionals and those affected by legal issues, production of two more Public Service Announcement videos, and providing assistance and support in the development of service structure areas outside of North America.

 June 21, 2022

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