During this historical time, we are aware that there is no precedence for groups to safely transition back to face-to-face meetings. We’ve compiled a list of suggested resources and considerations as groups prepare how, if, or when to reopen in-person meetings. What works for one group may not work for another and each group is encouraged to rely on the spiritual principles found in the Traditions and Concepts of Service, and on appropriate health advisors to help guide conversations and make informed group decisions.

Read Conference Approved Literature and Service Literature

Utilize the S-Anon Service Structure and Group Sponsors

As members and groups navigate the study and application of the Traditions and Concepts of Service, and work through group issues, there are trusted servants available to share experience, strength, and hope along the way. Though each group is autonomous, connecting with other members and groups can prove to be a valuable resource during this time.

Groups and Intergroups may want to consider creating a Re-Opening Ad Hoc Committee tasked with developing suggested guidelines as a resource.

  • Contact your Area Delegate or Regional Trustee: Your Area Delegate or Regional Trustee may be available to meet with your group and offer insight on questions or concerns.
  • Ask the WSO for a Group Sponsor: If you are not represented by an Area Delegate or Regional Trustee, email the WSO at sanon@sanon.org to ask for a Group Sponsor.

Reopening Considerations

S-Anon groups meet in a variety of locations – libraries, hospitals, churches, etc. – across North America and in many countries. Transitioning back to regular in-person meetings may bring new challenges for one group that another may not need to address. As groups consider their options, here are some suggested questions to help prompt discussions:

  • What are the current local or state regulations for gatherings?
  • Is our meeting space allowing gatherings to take place? Are there any new regulations required by the meeting space?
  • For the safety of attendees, do we need to consider restructuring how we collect the 7th Tradition, share meeting readings, hold hands at the close of the meeting, arrange seats, etc.?
  • How will our group handle conflict if a member of the group is unwilling to adhere to the decisions of the Group Conscience?


 July 21, 2020

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