The S-Ateen fellowship is supported by dedicated Group Sponsors who serve at International Conventions, regional recovery events, in local groups and online meetings. The S-Ateen Online Community hosts virtual weekly meetings, and Spanish speakers attend a virtual meeting that serves S-Ateen members from around the globe. Without certified Group Sponsors, there would be no S-Ateen.

At the January International Convention, 5 Group Sponsors and 10 S-Ateen members were in attendance. While Group Sponsors serve out of a commitment to young people seeking recovery, they too benefit tremendously from S-Ateen.

“My teenage years, and even my parenting years, are so far behind me they’re hard to see, even in the rearview mirror. But spending time in meetings with the teens who attended the convention in Tennessee brought those years back to me with crystal clarity — the secrets, the walking on eggshells, the sexualized environment…. Sharing what it was like for me so long ago helped me to feel more compassion for my teenage self and do my small part to relieve the pain of a teenager who might feel completely alone with the problem. The pain of this disease knows no age boundaries, but we can share both the pain and the solution with teens. What a joy to know that a seed may have been planted that could help someone either right now, or later in life!”

We’re excited to report the start of a new S-Ateen group in Fresno, California that meets virtually every week and will transition to a local venue once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

“Initially I told myself, ‘I can help support the teens during their weekly calls and meetings at conventions.’ I NEVER expected that one day I’d be hosting my first video call! I had no training on the virtual meeting platform until 15 minutes before the meeting. With the loving help of another Group Sponsor and the S-Ateen members, I learned all I needed to know that night. I thoroughly enjoy being with the teens and have gained so much confidence in myself just by volunteering!”

For Group Sponsors, the spiritual principle of receiving more than we give is clearly evident in the S-Ateen fellowship.

Sharing from “the S-Ateen point of view” has given me the opportunity to look back at my childhood years. With the help of my Higher Power, I learned to accept that I am powerless over the actions or lack of actions by my parents. My service work as an S-Ateen Group Sponsor has given my recovery journey a huge boost. I am grateful.

If you would like to start a local S-Ateen group or serve as an S-Ateen Group Sponsor, please contact the WSO.

 September 20, 2020

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