Area Delegate Expense Reimbursement Form
As an Area Delegate, you may apply for the reimbursement of up to half of allowable travel expenses from a special fund maintained by the WSO, provided that no financial support is forthcoming from the Area.

Area Delegate Information Form
As an Area Delegate or Alternate, register your information with the World Service Office.

Group Registration Form
Register a new group with the World Service Office or submit updated information for an existing group.

Inquirer Telephone Support Form
Volunteer to serve as a contact person for inquirers who live in an area where there are no meetings.

Intergroup Registration Form
Register a new intergroup with the World Service Office or submit updated information for an existing intergroup.

Literature Order Form

Media and Written Release Form
Provide a completed Media and Written Release Form with your writing contributions submitted for upcoming S-Anon literature.  This form is also used to transfer ownership of recorded material.

Motion Form for the WSC
Any member of S-Anon can make a motion on any topic that affects S-Anon as a whole. Motions must be submitted via a member of the World Service Conference (WSC), preferably a Delegate.  The window for submitting motions runs from August 1 – March 1.

S-Anon Speakers’ Pool Registration Form and Guidelines
Register for the S-Anon Speakers’ Pool which gives organizers of local and regional S-Anon events easier access to a broad selection of speakers who are willing to speak at retreats, marathons and other events.  For more information, see the S-Anon Speakers’ Pool Guidelines included with the registration form.

Seventh Tradition Contribution Form
(Note: You may also donate online.)

Website Links Policy, Process and Form
Request that a link to your group’s/intergroup’s web site be included on the SIFG web site.  The form includes the requirements and acceptance procedures.


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