The Special Appeal is a tri-annual request from the S-Anon World Service Office for 7th Tradition donations. Please share this appeal with your group and consider making a contribution today!

Dear S-Anon Members,

On the day my husband was arrested for possession of child pornography, I stood in my home among uniformed strangers feeling shocked, confused, and humiliated. I also felt strangely relieved. At last, the invisible intruder responsible for undermining every aspect of my life as a married mother of three teenagers was dragged into the light. A few months later, I learned the name of this unwelcome guest: sex addiction.

For two years, with my spouse’s legal case and our separation as the backdrop, I struggled to love my husband and care for our kids, mostly because I was unable to love and care for myself. I had trouble getting out of bed, showering, doing my job, and eating regular meals. I wasted valuable time rehashing the past and obsessively envisioning the future. Anger was my go-to emotion, and I lived as if it was me against the world.

After trying other approaches to fix my husband and our marriage, I felt desperate for solutions to help myself heal. I cried out to God for direction, and he drew me to S-Anon. A suggestion I heard at my first meeting was: Get a sponsor and work the Twelve Steps. After years of trying to do life on my terms, I wondered what it would be like to try an organized program. I found that it works when I work it!

Early on, I was told about a special focus meeting for members impacted by another’s illegal sexual activity. This meeting is a lifeline for me because we openly share on topics such as dealing in a healthy manner with law enforcement, another’s incarceration, and the courts. These topics are generally not addressed in registered group meetings because the issues are not common to all members in attendance. Though I wish I did not need this special focus meeting as a complement to my regular group meeting, I feel grateful for the acceptance and support I receive there.

Giving back through service and making regular Seventh Tradition contributions are meaningful aspects of my recovery. When I was a newcomer to S-Anon, I did not understand the significance of World Service Office (WSO) special appeals. That changed when I met two WSO staff members at an international convention. After talking with them and learning more about all the work done by the office, my attitude changed. The dedicated service of the WSO staff and volunteers ensures our program remains available to both members and newcomers.

Having connected the WSO request for donations to real people and the work they do motivates me to give generously. Through this letter, I have the privilege of asking you to do the same. Even though budgets may be tight, a donation of any size keeps us connected to our recovery family and ensures the S-Anon program and our WSO remain viable.

Special appeal contributions may be given online at, through PayPal at, or via postal mail to S-Anon WSO, P.O. Box 17294, Nashville, TN 37217. Thank you for considering a donation to S-Anon.

Together We Can Make It!
Stacey D., Chicago, IL

 February 15, 2023

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