These resources accompany the booklet S-Anon: A Guide to Public Information and Outreach. 

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Planning Tools

Meeting Agenda Sample (Word doc)
Creating a Local S-Anon Website (PDF)
Selecting a Web hosting Service (PDF)

Tools for Local PIO Committee

Thanks for Your Service Certificate (Word doc)

Tools for Media Outreach

Outreach to the Media Project Generator (Word doc)
Guidelines for Contacting the Media (Word doc)
S-Anon Open Letter to Newspapers (Word doc)
Pre-Interview Media Guidance for S-Anon Members (Word doc)
Memo to Media Sample (Word doc)
Suggested Model Release (Word doc)
S-Anon Newspaper Ad Sample (Word doc)

Tools for Outreach Reporting

Project Report Example (Word doc)
Project and Report for Professional Packet Distribution Example (Word doc)

Tools for Outreach to Professionals

Outreach to Professionals Project Generator
Outreach Letters Packet to Professionals
S-Anon Open Letter to Lawyers, Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Community
S-Anon Open Letter to Doctors
S-Anon Open Letter to Human Services Professionals (Word doc)
-S-Anon Open Letter to Spiritual Leaders
S-Anon Outreach Letters and How to Use
S-Anon Checklist Questions
S-Anon Panel Discussion for Professionals Agenda Example
Information for Professionals about S-Anon and S-Ateen Family Groups (PDF)
S-Anon Contact Card for Professionals (Purchase)
Working the S-Anon Program (Purchase)
S-Anon Twelve Steps (Purchase)

Tools for Public Outreach

Public Outreach Project Generator
S-Anon Newspaper Ad Example
Inquiry about S-Anon Response Template
S-Anon Helpline Voicemail Response Example
Tear Sheet Template
S-Anon posters (Purchase)
Is S-Anon for You? [English version] (Purchase)
Is S-Anon for You? [Spanish version] (Purchase)
S-Ateen posters (Purchase)
S-Ateen: What It’s Like to Be Me (Purchase)
Is S-Ateen for You? (Purchase)
S-Ateen Frequently Asked Questions (Purchase)
S-Anon Checklist Questions

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