The Special Appeal is a triannual request from the S-Anon World Service Office for 7th Tradition donations. Please share this appeal with your group and consider making a contribution today!

Dear S-Anon Members,

Finding the S-Anon Fellowship was a spiritual experience for me. Before my crisis with sexaholism, I thought I was living my life selflessly, loving and caring for my family and friends.

But, as I began to work the Twelve Steps, with the help of my Higher Power and sponsor, my eyes were opened to new truths about my attitudes. My “loving and caring” were actually directives to others about how to do, say, and live life in ways that I thought would bring them happiness—a good life. These constant directions kept the focus on them and robbed me of the ability to look at myself. I was so busy “helping” others that my kind heart became hardened. If they would only do things my way, we could all be happy. My husband and children developed their own skills to cope with their demanding wife and mother. My pain and resentment were building walls even though everything seemed fine. The S-Anon Program helped me to tear down those walls.

My fellow S-Anon members loved and supported me, as I was learning to practice these principles in every area of my life. When I struggle with my old attitudes, you are here to remind me to use all the tools of our Program, especially the Three A’s, (Awareness, Acceptance and Action). You strengthen my trust in my Higher Power’s love, as reflected in your kindness and acceptance of me—then and now—and I am grateful for all of you.
When I came into S-Anon, I thought I had nothing left to give, but over time, I realized I could show my “loving and caring” in a healthy way, paying it forward by being of service to our Program, and by making regular donations to the S-Anon World Service Office (WSO).

The crisis of sexaholism isn’t the only challenge many members in our Fellowship are facing this year, and my sincere hope is that you all are finding the same love and support I have experienced in this program. As you too consider paying it forward, please know that your direct contributions to the WSO pave the way for those who are yet to come and help fulfill S-Anon’s primary purpose – to help families and friends of sexaholics.

Please consider contributing today either online at,, or via mail to S-Anon WSO, P.O. Box 17294, Nashville, TN, 37217.

Your contributions are greatly appreciated,

Vickie M.
Southeast Regional Trustee

 October 5, 2020

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