The Special Appeal is a tri-annual request from the S-Anon World Service Office for 7th Tradition donations. Please share this appeal with your group and consider making a contribution today!

I am forever grateful to the S-Anon program for giving me a new lease on life. I came to the program at a time when my life was not only unmanageable; it was also unbearable. I endured decades of joylessness, loneliness, and sheer unhappiness in my marriage, never really knowing or understanding the source of my misery. To the outside world, it seemed I had the perfect life: an amazing career, a successful husband, three wonderful children, a beautiful home, frequent travels. It all looked so good on the outside. Friends often remarked how lucky I was, and yet, I felt so empty and like I was dying inside.

In reflecting on my life, I have come to recognize that I could easily have qualified as a member of the S-Ateen program. Since S-Ateen wasn’t available in those years, my Higher Power reserved a spot for me in the S-Anon rooms. It just took me a long time to get here. I vividly remember my first S-Anon meeting—hearing The S-Anon Problem was like listening to someone read the story of my life. I could fully relate! Many of the shares I heard at that meeting were the same stories I was living. I was so inspired by the openness and candor of individuals in the group, many of whom seemed to have that feeling of joy that had eluded me much of my life. I knew instantly that I wanted what they had, and hope was restored that I could once again recapture joy in my life. Since finding S-Anon, I have embraced the spiritual principles of the program, I have learned about boundaries, and with the support of my sponsor and the Traditions, I now enjoy healthier relationships. I am truly astounded by the changes that have occurred. I am happy to share my story as a means of offering hope to those who may be experiencing the pain and unmanageability of living with sex addiction.

The S-Anon literature has become my go-to when I stumble and triggers hold me hostage. Within it, I have found the experience, strength, and hope of legions of S-Anon members that sustain me whenever I find myself in need of support, hope, and serenity. The S-Anon literature is vitally important in carrying this message of hope to those in need. Sales of literature and member contributions enable the WSO to continue to produce material that supports families and friends of sexaholics. One exciting recent literature development is that the WSO now has the new S-Anon Twelve Traditions book containing all Twelve Traditions available for sale. You can now purchase this book to support both the WSO and your personal recovery.

Beyond this, I hope you will consider making a Seventh Tradition donation today in response to this Special Appeal to support the continued work of the WSO. These contributions help the WSO not only in day-to -day operations, but also serve to engage in innovative ways with a wider audience in our global fellowship. Please consider participating in this Special Appeal—any contribution, large or small, is greatly appreciated. Donations can be made online at, through PayPal at, or via postal mail to: S-Anon WSO, P.O. Box 17294, Nashville, TN, 37217.

In grateful service,

Cheryll, East/Central Canada Regional Trustee

 October 7, 2022

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