Delegates, Group Representatives, and Intergroups: Please help facilitate participation in this Special Appeal by forwarding this request to those on your group contact list, reading this letter in 3 consecutive meetings and passing the donation basket
around, or holding a business meeting to vote on a contribution amount.

We greatly appreciate your service!

October 2018

Dear S-Anon Members,

As a child I was told, “Never discuss age or money in polite company.” Times have changed, and at age 46 I discovered the rooms of S-Anon. Hindsight’s always 20/20, but how I wish I’d found recovery in my younger years!

While I’m thankful for my S-Anon recovery, I’m extremely grateful for the healing and personal growth my children gain through the S-Ateen fellowship.  S-Ateen members attend face-to-face meetings in Israel and Spain, at International Conventions and local recovery events across the United States. They also connect on weekly voice meetings via the S-Ateen Online Community and Skype.

When it comes to money, our meetings are free and giving to 7th Tradition collections is optional. So how does this all work if members aren’t required to pay, and yet the S-Anon World Service Office operates like any other business with expenses, balance sheets and budgets? The answer is simple: as with our personal recovery, our fellowship is spiritually based. In a spiritual economy, we only keep what we willingly give away. Even more of a conundrum, we typically get more in return than what we give, no matter the gift.

As such, will you prayerfully consider a financial gift to S-Anon’s World Service Office? Your generous giving ensures meetings are accessible and supported through one cohesive organization, offering both young and old a safe place to find help and healing — today and into the future.

Thank you and God bless,

Allie H.
S-Ateen Committee Chair

 October 21, 2018

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