Delegates, Group Representatives, and Intergroups: Please help facilitate participation in this Special Appeal by forwarding this request to those on your group contact list, reading this letter in 3 consecutive meetings and passing the donation basket
around, or holding a business meeting to vote on a contribution amount.

We greatly appreciate your service!


October 2017

Dear S-Anon Members,

When you first heard about this program, did you have a hard time remembering how to pronounce “S-Anon”?  I know I did! “S-A-Anon” or “S-Al-Anon” or “Sa-non”… it’s quite impressive how creative I was able to get.

Having never been exposed to 12-Step programs prior to S-Anon, there were many new terms that, surprisingly, have become integrated into my normal speech, often to a point where I assume others understand exactly what I am saying… Higher Power, sexaholism, and 7th Tradition Donations, just to name a few.

At the S-Anon World Service Office, we often are asked, “What exactly is a Special Appeal?” when these triannual requests for donations are mailed out. We have realized that we casually use the term “Special Appeal,” often forgetting that to many, it’s either a new concept or only vaguely understood.

The Special Appeal is a request to the Fellowship for additional donations outside the regular 7th Tradition contributions that members provide to the WSO. These monetary gifts provide an income boost that supports both everyday operating expenses and, most recently, helps fund special projects, such as the development of the S-Anon Recovery Blog (now available on the newly revamped S-Anon website!) and the recently published Traditions One, Two, and Three booklet.

On average, only 12% of S-Anon groups answer this appeal for additional support, so just imagine what the impact would be if all 330 S-Anon groups participated! No amount is too small. Please consider making an extra contribution today.


Lindsay White
S-Anon World Service Office
Executive Director


Lea la última actualización de la OSM y la carta de apelación especial en español.

 October 24, 2017

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