The Special Appeal is a tri-annual request from the S-Anon World Service Office for 7th Tradition donations. Please share this appeal with your group and consider making a contribution today!

Dear S-Anon Members,

I have found a home in S-Anon, and to be honest, this was unexpected because I am a man. In fact, I was the only man in my region in S-Anon at that time. A woman who later became my sponsor told me she had commented to another woman after my first meeting, “Well, we will never see him again.” The next week their jaws dropped when I showed up! But I was desperate. I had tried everything I could think of to have a successful marriage. I had been betrayed by a series of partners and could not figure out why. If the pain I felt had been less, I probably would not have returned. Besides being the only man, I did not believe in God, I had no experience sharing my feelings, and I was an isolator, not a joiner. S-Anon changed all that.

As I continued to show up, I came to realize that the effects of sexaholism on my life were not different from others in my group. Shares by members with a strong faith inspired me to find a Higher Power, and I learned a lot from their openness about emotions. I also learned that I cannot do it alone. I broke out of my isolation, and by using the tools of the program—telephone, fellowship, meetings, and sponsorship among others—I became a part of this life-giving organization.

I am very grateful to S-Anon for helping me change my life, and I have seen firsthand how the program has worked miracles in others’ lives as well. There are many more out there who, like me, are in pain and desperate need of the same type of acceptance and support I found in S-Anon. The mission of S-Anon is to aid the growing number of people who are affected by another’s sexual behavior, and the S-Anon World Service Office, supported by the sale of literature and member contributions, plays a vital role in helping to carry the message of recovery to families and friends of sexaholics.

Would you consider answering this special appeal by making a Seventh Tradition contribution to support the continued work of the WSO? Contributions can be made online at or through PayPal at Another way to support the WSO is by purchasing the newest publications. What is the S-Anon Point of View? is a new 20-page booklet that explores the importance of maintaining a focus on S-Anon principles to preserve the integrity of our program, and how we can actively apply the S-Anon point of view in our meetings and our relationships. S-Anon Twelve Traditions, coming soon to our online store, explores the spiritual guidelines that foster harmony and unity within our groups, throughout our worldwide fellowship, and in all our relationships.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

With a grateful heart and in service,

Norman T., San Diego, CA

 June 11, 2022

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