The Special Appeal is a triannual request from the S-Anon World Service Office for 7th Tradition donations. Please share this appeal with your group and consider making a contribution today!

Dear S-Anon Members,

My Higher Power always seems to know just what I need – long before I know it myself! The key is in maintaining a conscious contact to provide awareness to see my opportunities.

Such has been my experience with S-Anon. I was invited to be a Reader on the Literature Committee. I was humbled and thrilled as S-Anon Conference Approved Literature (CAL) is my favorite recovery tool. I got to explore our various books in depth. This was an extraordinary boost to my continued recovery in the program. It had Higher Power written all over it!

I later became one of the Editors, and I participate in the many long- and short-term projects assigned to the Literature Committee. It is very rewarding to be a part of the team that guides manuscripts through many rounds of editing, to be fine-tuned by the Editors and Readers until they are ready to be submitted for S-Anon CAL vote.

What astounds me are the spiritual principles I see in play. No one person “writes” for S-Anon –the fellowship is involved every step of the way, offering ideas for future literature, submitting writings, and ensuring that any piece of literature designated CAL is worthy to serve as the voice of S-Anon.

I guess one reason I gravitated to literature is that it is a safe place for me. I’ve worked around people all my life but I never wanted them to get too close, lest they see the emptiness inside of me and the dark secrets I held. Through work with a sponsor and service work beyond the group level, I am learning to trust again, develop true friendships, and let down those old walls. This is truly a gift of our program.

Literature is near and dear to my heart but the costs to publish these books and distribute them to our fellowship are no small matter. It is with that in mind that I come to you today to ask you to participate in the June Special Appeal. It is one way to give back to the S-Anon community and to those who still suffer outside of our rooms. Who knows which piece of literature will become a catalyst for that individual who has lost hope and feels so alone?

I want the literature of S-Anon to always be there for the newcomer. I am excited to be involved in the process of adding more literature for all in our fellowship. For me this is a journey; it is progress, not perfection. Our S- Anon literature never fails to give me the hope and strength I need to begin one more day of recovery.

Contributions can be made online at,, or via mail to S-Anon WSO, P.O. Box 17294, Nashville, TN, 37217.

In service,

Anne A., Texas Area Delegate


 June 8, 2021

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