Delegates, Group Representatives, and Intergroups: Please help facilitate participation in this Special Appeal by forwarding this request to those on your group contact list, reading this letter in 3 consecutive meetings and passing the donation basket
around, or holding a business meeting to vote on a contribution amount.

We greatly appreciate your service!

June 2018

Dear S-Anon Members,

It is often said the newcomer is the most important member in any gathering. Before the newcomer actually attends a local meeting, however, multiple proceedings typically occur. First off, there has to be a way for the newcomer to learn where and when the local group meets. Additionally, there is literature to be printed, the S-Anon website to be maintained, phones to be answered when inquirers call, and much more. These behind-the-scene actions ensure the S-Anon message of help and hope is there when needed. This important work can only occur, however, if we support our World Service Office (WSO).

I think we can all remember the pain that brought us to our first S-Anon meeting. Help and healing was available thanks to those who came before us — S-Anon members like you and me, who generously gave of their time, talent, and treasure to build up the S-Anon fellowship. As our fellowship continues to grow, our help is needed more than ever. It’s the collective effort of all members that sustains the S-Anon fellowship, whether it is service in your local group, service beyond the group level, and/or donations to support the service work of other members. Together we can do so much more than each of us can do alone.

As you explore the many ways to participate in helping our fellowship grow, I ask you to consider making a financial contribution to the World Service Office. Please donate from the heart and remember the priceless gift the S-Anon program offers each and every one of us. Contributions can be easily made through the S-Anon online store at


Tami H.
International Convention Committee Chair

 June 21, 2018

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