Please read this Special Appeal at three consecutive meetings.

Dear S-Anon Members,

My first encounter with S-Anon was through a newly formed group in my country.  At the time, there were only a few members who had come to admit unmanageability and the awareness that we too needed a program of recovery.

We began to meet, hoping to find answers for which we had been looking blindly for so long. We read fragments of a first draft of the only book translated in Spanish. We read and shared, but we were stuck. I wondered if that was all the help I could find in this fellowship.

We found hope in contacting World Service Office. They provided us with a suggested meeting format, instructions in registering our group and locating other groups and CAL. They put us in touch with members who could offer guidance. The WSO helped us to grow and share our recovery with others.

Today I choose to freely give what freely has been given to me by financially supporting the WSO. I understand the meaning of being “self-sufficient” with a healthier point of view. I can apply it in my individual finances and then transfer that experience, strength and hope to the financial stability of my group through regular and special contributions.

Anonymous from Spain


 June 25, 2017

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