As you review the 2019 Profit & Loss Report and the Balance Sheet, I want to highlight important items to help explain the year-end results.

– We ended our 2019 fiscal year with a Total Net Income of $17,966.32.

-Because we use the cash basis of accounting, these results include some income and expenses from our second ever standalone S-Anon International Convention (Nashville Host Committee supported by WSO) in January 2020.

– Our first ever WSO standalone S-Anon International Convention in January 2019 was a success and very well attended. S-Anon recorded our Nashville Convention speakers and the recordings are available for purchase via the S-Anon literature store under audio products. These recordings are available for an introductory price of $20 for the set.

– We finished upgrading our e-commerce store and the S-Anon website. This has resulted in increased literature revenue most likely due to increased website traffic and new products.

– We reprinted “Exploring the Wonders of Recovery” in a spiral bound version in July 2019. It is available for purchase via the S-Anon literature store for $15 plus shipping and handling.

– We had a higher than budgeted revenue from International Convention proceeds and donations. I want to thank all the Convention Host Committee members who generously did service work which produced financially successful conventions.

– Thank you to all the groups who made 7th Tradition donations to the WSO in 2019. Because of your generosity, these were higher than the historical averages that we used for our 2019 budget.

– Our Cost of Goods Sold is not something we budget for, year to year. This reflects the cost of the inventory that was sold via our literature store during 2019.

– Our accounting and legal fees are higher than budgeted due to two projects for which we needed to utilize attorneys, beginning in 2019, and continuing in 2020. They are 1) updating the Copyright Translation Agreements used with International S-Anon groups wishing to translate, print, and distribute S-Anon literature locally and 2) addressing a copyright infringement issue by another entity. This is ongoing as we work to protect the S-Anon copyright on our literature.

– Our telecommunications expenses are higher than budgeted. Due to S-Anon being in a good financial position for 2019, the BOT made the decision to purchase audio and visual equipment to be used at the World Service Conference and to record breakouts and speakers at International Conventions. The remaining audio equipment purchased was originally planned for 2020 but advantageous year-end sales resulted in acquiring this expense in 2019.

– Our Prudent Reserve is fully funded, and we ended 2019 with $40K in our Retained Earnings.

The January 2020 International Convention in Nashville, TN, was a collaboration of members of the Nashville S-Anon community, with the WSO providing the small business support for our second S-Anon Only Convention. This was well attended, and we utilized S-Anon’s newly acquired audio equipment to record the main speakers and a breakout room. These recordings are available for purchase on the online store. They are available as bundles or individual breakout meeting topics.

Thank you for all your financial support by making 7th Tradition donations, purchasing items from our literature store, attending conventions and being a member of S-Anon.

Dawnielle A.
Treasurer, Board of Trustees

 April 27, 2020

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