In November 2021, the S-Anon Board of Trustees gathered to discuss and approve the 2022 operating budget for S-Anon International Family Groups, Inc. We are including an overview copy of the 2022 Budget for you, and I would like to take a moment to discuss some of the items.

Here are some highlights as you review the Budget.

We utilize averages from 2019 through 2021 for our 2022 Budget of Literature Sales and Donations.

As of November 2021, we have recorded the highest literature sales in the history of the S-Anon Fellowship, and we are anticipating that they will top out right around $90,000 if they continue at this pace.

Generous contributions from the fellowship continued as they did in 2020, and as of November 2021 have hit a record high in the history of S-Anon. I cannot express my gratitude for the continued incredible 7th tradition donations of my fellow S-Anon members.

There are no planned International Conventions for 2022 that would generate proceeds and donations, nor are there travel costs planned for the Board of Trustees or Area Delegates for face-to-face meetings.

Changes and some other items of note for the 2022 budget:

The Finance Committee has made a change in the budget process to account for projected literature production expenses and projected Cost of Goods Sold. They are being combined in one account, Cost of Goods Sold, when the budget numbers are entered into our accounting software. The 2022 budget reflects the larger of the two totals, cost to print literature vs the cost of literature expensed at the time it is sold.  For 2022 we are reprinting Exploring the Wonders of Recovery, and will be printing in one bound volume the S-Anon Twelve Traditions

Funds have been included for the replacement and upgrading of some of the equipment at the World Service Office. 

According to the S-Anon International Family Groups, Inc. Bylaws and the World Service Conference Charter, the Board of Trustees is tasked with ensuring a Prudent Reserve is set aside as a safety net in case of emergency or financial stress. Currently our Prudent Reserve is based on 6 months of operating expenses (calculated by dividing total annual expenses over the most recent two years by four) since 2018. Our Prudent Reserve account has been fully funded by strong literature sales and donations, and our Retained Earnings account has continued to increase. 

Based on a Motion-in-Concept from the Public Information and Outreach Committee, the Board of Trustees approved a budget expense for the exploration of Search Engine Optimization to potentially increase the online awareness of S-Anon.  We decided to utilize a portion of the Retained Earnings to fund this special project.

Thank you,

Dawnielle A.

Treasurer, Board of Trustees

[email protected]

 January 18, 2022

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