Financials from 2020 are in and the S-Anon Board of Trustees Treasurer is here to talk you through the 2020 Profit & Loss and the Balance Sheet and share noteworthy items for 2021 and 2022.

Here are some highlights from our 2020 Financial Results and a few other financial items.


We ended our 2020 fiscal year with Total Net Income of $37,938.44.

Because we use the cash basis of accounting, these results include some income and expenses from our WSO S-Anon/S-Ateen stand-alone convention in January 2020. We also received a 2020 donation from the Seattle July 2019 Convention as they closed out their books.

Seattle did a wonderful job, not only on the convention itself from an attendee experience standpoint, but also on the fiscally self-supporting aspects of the convention. THANK YOU, Seattle S-Anon Convention Committee!

The January 2020 S-Anon/S-Ateen Stand-alone Nashville Convention was a wonderful gathering and was well attended. We recorded our speakers in both January 2019 and January 2020 as well as a breakout room in 2021. The recordings, made with the volunteer help of S-Anon members in attendance, are available for purchase via the S-Anon literature store under audio products. Who knew this would be our last in-person gathering for 2020 and 2021 at an international convention?

Due to worldwide events beyond their control, the Toronto July 2020 International Convention had to cancel the in-person event. The 2020 annual World Service Conference was also cancelled, and the 2020 annual face-to-face meeting of the Board of Trustees was held virtually. This led to a significant decrease in the travel expenses budgeted for the Board of Trustees, Delegates, and WSO Staff.

These worldwide events also had an unforeseen impact on S-Anon members worldwide. We were not able to gather in person, yet our groups found ways to continue meeting virtually. There were even marathons and retreats that transitioned to a virtual environment. An added benefit was that S-Anon members from around the world joined virtual meetings in the United States and Canada and hosted virtual events in which members in North America were able to participate as well.

S-Anon groups and individuals continued to support the WSO in amazing ways. The groups generously donated excess funds, and individual members supported the WSO at levels not seen in the past. Our literature and recording sales exceeded our budget projections.


Atlanta transitioned from an in-person international convention scheduled for January 2021 to a successful virtual international convention. We had 684 S-Anon and 10 S-Ateen members registered for this convention. Congratulations to the Keys to Freedom Atlanta Convention Committee.

We continue to update and upgrade portions of our website and the Member Site,

Salt Lake City also transitioned from an in-person international convention in July 2021 to a virtual international convention. We had about 402 S-Anon and 13 S-Ateen members register for this virtual convention. Thank you to the Salt Lake City Keystone of Recovery Convention Committee.


We are in the process of preparing the 2022 Budget in collaboration with the WSO, the Finance Committee, and the Board of Trustees.

The ICC (International Convention Committee) sent a letter to our fellowship asking for volunteers to host a Virtual July 2022 International Convention.

Thank you for all your financial support by making 7th Tradition donations, purchasing items from our literature store, and for volunteering for service, attending conventions, and being a member of S-Anon.

If you have any questions or are interested in joining the Finance Committee, please email me at [email protected].

In Service,

Dawnielle A.
S-Anon Board of Trustees Treasurer

 August 16, 2021

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