The Special Appeal is a triannual request from the S-Anon World Service Office for 7th Tradition donations. Please share this appeal with your group and consider making a contribution today!

Dear S-Anon Members,

Very early in my recovery I was introduced to the onion analogy: the journey of peeling back my layers with a willingness to look at myself in order to uncover my true self. The pilgrimage was hard fought with many tears, some anger and finally, acceptance. I discovered a more authentic self amongst the mess of tears and emotional wreckage. Three years later, I am now willing to think of my journey as both an onion and a camellia flower. Where the onion conjures images of stink and tears, the camellia illustrates the beauty within myself and those who surround me. I like the idea of blossoming and fully blooming into me.

Before S-Anon, I didn’t even know I wasn’t living. Instead, I was a tight bud dying on the bush. S-Anon helped me regain my sense of self, my sense of worth and an opportunity to be more fully alive and loving. The gifts of the program are real and once I really started the program – I mean really started the program – I realized there was no going back to being less than my Higher Power intended for me.

Contributing to S-Anon simply means cultivating my soil, the soil of my fellow travelers and providing a path to those still wandering in sadness and despair not knowing where to look for relief. Please consider making a donation to the S-Anon World Service Office today, all contributions are greatly appreciated.


Michelle B.
Nashville, TN

 February 11, 2020

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