Delegates, Group Representatives, and Intergroups: Please help facilitate participation in this Special Appeal by forwarding this request to those on your group contact list, reading this letter in 3 consecutive meetings and passing the donation basket around, or holding a business meeting to vote on a contribution amount.

We greatly appreciate your service!

February 2019

Greetings S-Anon Family and Happy 35th Anniversary!

We were asked to share with you the history and importance of our Seventh Tradition Appeal. We both have had the privilege of participating with others on the S-Anon Archives Committee. While compiling historical information, we recognized some interesting patterns. One of these patterns involves S-Anon’s financial stability. Learning how to become financially responsible was necessary, but complicated.

Issues related to S-Anon’s finances were prevalent for a number of years in our early history. Members chose to loan money to S-Anon so bills could be paid. Office staff volunteered to delay receiving a pay check. Publication of literature was delayed more than once due to insufficient funds. The S-Anon International Committee members (SIC), the precursor to the Board of Trustees (BOT), volunteered to make a monthly Seventh Tradition donation to cover half the cost of their monthly conference calls.

Thankfully, some 35 years later, our World Service Office is not only flourishing, but is helping countless people find help and hope. Today, the primary source of income for our fellowship is Seventh Tradition donations and literature sales, but our financial health can be an ongoing challenge. Please consider supporting our fellowship by giving an extra financial gift to the WSO. If we all support the WSO, S-Anon will continue to be available to those seeking help for many years to come.

Yours in Service,

Robin M and Vicky L

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 February 18, 2019

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