The motions set to be discussed and voted on at the 2021 18th Annual World Service Conference (WSC) have been distributed to the fellowship and are ready for discussion and consideration by groups. What does the S-Anon/S-Ateen Service Manual say about how motions are handled at this juncture and what to expect in the coming months?

According to the S-Anon/S-Ateen Service Manual, Areas and Area Delegates to the WSC

Several months prior to the WSC, the Area Delegates (AD) receive periodic communications from the World Service Conference Committee (WSCC), which include the motions to be considered at the WSC in July. The ADs share the motions with Area groups, encouraging all groups to review and discuss the motions, and then report their views and feedback on each issue to the AD by a predetermined date. Some ADs attend various S-Anon meetings in their Area and participate in the group conscience discussions, while others work through Intergroups and rely on group representatives to explain each group’s position on the issues. Others email the motions to members and ask for feedback. Each AD has the freedom to design a communication process that works for his or her Area.

ADs are expected to arrive at the WSC fully informed and able to present the views of their Area groups on the motions to be considered (Concepts Four, Five). They do not collect votes from their local groups on the motions, but they take into consideration comments and feedback from the groups about the motions. During the deliberation on each motion, ADs listen with open minds to all points of view, and thoughtfully and prayerfully consider the perspectives presented by other WSC members. The AD then votes on each motion as she or he believes best supports the interests of the entire fellowship (Tradition Two, Concept Twelve-Warranty Three and Concept Three).

Upon returning home, the ADs report the results of the voting to their Area groups. Some ADs write a report and send it to their groups via email. Others hold conference calls or share the results at group or Intergroup meetings. This follow-up is important because it completes the communication cycle and keeps members informed.

Each S-Anon group is autonomous and may discuss the motions in a way that works best for each group. Considering the WSC is scheduled for July 24, 2021, groups are encouraged to begin discussions now so that feedback is shared to their Area Delegate in time. If your area is without representation, you can expect to see motion results, including a WSC Summary Packet, published on the Member Site and through the WSO Update in September.
Contact information for your Area Delegate or Regional Trustee can be found here.

Read the 2021 WSC Motions

 June 15, 2021

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