Every year as I end my annual trip around the sun, I always reflect on all that I have to be grateful for – like how I am a soon to be aunt to a set of twins – and practice acceptance on the things that I could have done without – like needing a new roof. No matter what happens every year though, one thing that has remained a constant and steady role in my life over the last nine and a half years is found at the World Service Office.

Unless we’ve met at an International Convention or through service work, it’s a high probability many in our fellowship don’t personally know the WSO staff. I’d like to end this year of WSO Updates by giving you a snapshot of the folks who help the WSO on its own adventures around the sun.

Out of all the staff you may have encountered, it was most likely Peri, the WSO Office Administrator. For the last ten years, she’s been the one who answers the phone with a gentle, calming voice that makes you feel like everything is going to be all right. Luckily for me, this voice of understanding isn’t only reserved for phone calls but rather is a way of life for her. Always listening with an open mind, eager to share her own experiences and wisdom when asked, Peri has made being at the WSO day after day a gift for me.

While Laurie is the newest staff member of the WSO, she certainly isn’t the least! Over the last four years, Laurie has shown up with SPUNK – I don’t normally like to write words out in caps but lower case doesn’t seem to adequately convey her energy. When corresponding with Laurie, you may miss out on her wit simply due to her professionalism but she adds a light-hearted and humorous element to our office. I would be remiss to not say that Peri contributes her own witty comments on occasion but Laurie, undeniable by all involved, tops the cake.

With their permission, I can say this on behalf of all the WSO staff – working here has been one of many silver linings to come out of the effects on us of addiction. While I understand each particular circumstance has some unique details, the underlying core story stands true – through S-Anon, many of us have developed unlikely friendships with others who have become like family. I hope you read this and can relate, and if you can’t, my hope for you in the New Year is that you come to feel the same love and support as I have from your fellow S-Anon members.

The World Service Office is a small yet mighty place, but without the dozens of Trusted Servants throughout our program who provide service on a daily basis, we wouldn’t be where we are today. There are many vital roles within S-Anon, from the first meeting contact to the paid special worker who helps our fellowship’s world go round. To all of you who fill those roles, I extend my heart felt gratitude. You’re doing great work and it does not go unnoticed.

I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Lindsay W.
WSO Executive Director

 December 20, 2021

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