We all use and appreciate our S-Anon literature, but many of us are not aware of the effort “behind the scenes” involved in creating our literature. The S-Anon Literature Committee (LC) is one of ten Standing Committees of the Board of Trustees (BOT). Our mission is to ensure that every aspect of the S-Anon/S- Ateen program of recovery is presented as useful and comprehensive written material for our members, friends, professionals, and the world at large.

The LC is made up of 8 Editors and about 20 Readers. Our Editors collect and edit written submissions from S-Anon members and turn them into the amazing S-Anon Conference Approved Literature (CAL) published and sold by our World Service Office. Our Readers are active S-Anon members who proof the drafts of literature presented by the sponsoring Editors and consider them from the perspective of S-Anon’s CAL standards. Our literature goes through many rounds of editing and review which takes time, but the end result is a product that accurately reflects the S-Anon recovery point of view and becomes a legacy for the future of our fellowship.

The talented and dedicated members of the LC have created quality, helpful literature over the years. Currently, we have more in the works than ever before. In addition to efforts on the new pieces listed below, our Editors copyedit existing literature due to be reprinted. We also coordinate with the World Service Office and other BOT committees on projects impacting our literature. One Editor serves as the sanon.org webmaster.

Here are some of our current CAL projects:

S-Anon Twelve Traditions: Modeled after “S-Anon Twelve Steps,” this book will contain twelve chapters, one for each Tradition. Each chapter contains an in-depth discussion of the Tradition, member stories, Practicing These Principles, and Tradition Questions for group and individual use. In order to make this vital literature available to our members as soon as reasonably possible, the WSO has already published booklets of Traditions One through Nine, each containing three Tradition chapters as they became CAL. The LC anticipates all twelve chapters will be CAL in 2021.

Along the Journey: This book shares how S-Anon came to be and developed as a 12-Step program. It is not a sharing of personal stories by members but rather the story of S-Anon’s history based on historical archives and the personal recollections of our early members. The first chapter of this book has been conference approved; the remaining chapters are in various editing stages.

Stories from S-Anews: This book is a compilation of recovery stories, presented in themed chapters, from the discontinued S-Anon publication, S-Anews. The first three chapters of this book have been conference approved.

S-Anon Twelve Concepts of Service: This booklet will devote approximately 2-3 pages to each Concept of Service. It will explain the Concept and its application, illustrated by one or more member stories, and questions for individual or group consideration. This piece is in the initial stages of production and most likely will not be available until next year.

What is the S-Anon Point of View?: This piece uses excerpts from S-Anon CAL and the SSSM as a basis for explaining the S-Anon point of view. The focus is on observing our Traditions, Concepts of Service, and principles in our meetings and recovery sharing. The piece also includes member shares on how they came to understand the S-Anon point of view. It is currently in late draft stage and targeted for completion this year.

Healing in Relationships with Our Children: This piece is moving forward again in response to requests from S-Anon members. It offers the experience, strength, and hope of S-Anon members who have prayerfully considered whether and/or how to share their recovery with their children. It includes sharing from the perspective of S-Anon members who are parents. It will incorporate some material from S-Anon CAL and some new material written by S-Anon members.

S-Anon Members Affected by Family/Friends Facing Legal Issues: One of our S-Anon Checklist questions asks: “Have you helped someone get out of jail or other legal trouble, or feared legal action as a result of his or her sexual acting out?” We are in the beginning stages of collecting member writing submissions to expand an existing draft, which will offer experience, strength, and hope to those affected by a loved one’s legal issues.

Questions? Email the Literature Chair at lc@sanon.org.

 March 18, 2021

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