Preparation for the July, 2024 World Service Conference (WSC) continues. Thank you to the writers and submitters of motions this year for your dedication and effort in crafting motions that contribute to the growth of our fellowship. Your commitment is greatly appreciated.

The World Service Conference Committee (WSCC) received nine motions for the 2024 WSC. After careful review by both the WSCC and the Policy and Service Communications Committee (PSCC), two motions were withdrawn, and one will be forwarded to the BOT due to its relevance to administrative representation concerns. The remaining motions were deemed out of order as they did not meet the criteria outlined in the S-Anon/S-Ateen Service Manual. Each motion maker and submitter received detailed feedback explaining why their motion was deemed out of order and suggestions for future submissions.

The WSCC will include a Minority Report in the final 2024 WSC packet, summarizing the feedback provided to motion makers. This report will be published in the meeting minutes and added to the S-Anon Member Site.

The WSC agenda will encompass our regular business items, including committee reports and the opportunity for discussions to include participative feedback from all S-Anon groups.

In recent years, it has become evident that our current World Service Conference Policy and Procedures have sometimes limited meaningful discussions because they do not allow for discussion of a topic without it first being formally introduced as a Conference motion. One positive change made previously was the inclusion of a Minority Report, providing transparency when a motion does not reach the voting stage. WSC members have expressed a desire to deliberate on issues more collectively and to better understand issues facing S-Anon as a whole without the pressure of the immediate decision-making required by a formal motion. Our current Conference Procedure also limits motion discussions primarily to the conference meeting, with brief question periods and pros and cons presentations. The WSCC is researching possible changes to Conference procedures for WSC consideration that would allow the WSC to provide more collaborative and effective service to our fellowship.

Thank you for your ongoing dedication to the betterment of our fellowship.

– The World Service Conference Committee

 May 21, 2024

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